This sites hosts my father's genealogy, deeply rooted in the italian provinces of Treviso and Vicenza, in Venetia. It also shows a tree named "Les Vedovotto du littoral" (The Vedovotto from the coast), which gathers families named Vedovotto that I found in the province of Venezia and that I did not yet managed to link to my main tree.To go from a tree to the other, use the "Home page" menu.
Living people, people who were born less than 50 years ago, or people who died less than 30 years ago are hidden to visitors for reasons of privacy. They are only viewable by registered users of this site. To be registered, visitors have to explicit their  family links with one of the branches of these trees and to agree to share informations enabling to complete them.

To begin browsing the trees, choose one of the charts from the "View" menu or "Search" for a name or place.

Link to my genealogy site : Mes racines en Vénétie

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Top 10 given names


  • Giovanni (832)
  • Antonio (661)
  • Domenico (376)
  • Francesco (326)
  • Pietro (291)
  • Angelo (231)
  • Giuseppe (225)
  • Andrea (197)
  • Giacomo (181)
  • Maria (180)


  • Maria (1,218)
  • Antonia (356)
  • Angela (353)
  • Domenica (319)
  • Giovanna (271)
  • Cattarina (225)
  • Teresa (179)
  • Maddalena (172)
  • Anna (130)
  • Lucia (122)