Borso del Grappa, par Paolo Bonato

This genealogy is built by the spoiling of the registers of the italian parish "Santa Maria e San Zenone" of Borso del Grappa, in the province of Treviso, Veneto.
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Top 10 given names
Maria (2,822), Domenica (783), Angela (727), Antonia (673), Cattarina (661), Giovanna (526), Maddalena (391), Madalena (383), Teresa (302), Lucia (257)

Giovanni (2,090), Antonio (1,443), Domenico (1,000), Francesco (799), Pietro (699), Giuseppe (468), Giacomo (468), Maria (458), Andrea (455), Zuanne (453)

On this day
Angelica Luigia PAROLINDecember 197941Death
Paolo BORTAZZIbefore December 194575Death
Pellegrina GREGORIbefore December 193783Death
Lorenzo CITTONbefore December 1832188Death
Bortolo MOCELLINabout December 1828192Birth
Domenica BARTORRAbefore December 1773247Death
Benetto CUMINabout December 1763257Birth
Bastian MORETTOabout December 1731289Birth
DomenicaDecember 1672348Death
Domenica GUADAGNINDecember 1607413Birth
Domenica GUADAGNINDecember 1607413Death
Maddalena MATROabout December 1599421Birth
Bortolo “Mario” FABBIANDecember 1, 200317Death
Giovanni Maria FABBIANDecember 1, 199327Death
“Rosa” Seconda FABBIANDecember 1, 198535Death
Pietro TESSARObefore December 1, 196555Death
Angelo FABBIANDecember 1, 195763Death
Giovanni Batta BONATODecember 1, 193882Death
Francesco FABBIANDecember 1, 193585Death
Maria Antonia SERENADecember 1, 1920100Birth
Francesco MARINDecember 1, 1919101Birth
Antonio DALLE FRATTEDecember 1, 1917103Death
Antonio Paolo TONIETTODecember 1, 1913107Death
Clementina FERRAZZADecember 1, 1903117Birth
Angela MORETTODecember 1, 1899121Birth
Rosa FOLLADORDecember 1, 1893127Birth
Domenico CARLESSODecember 1, 1890130Birth
Maddalena BERGAMODecember 1, 1880140Birth
Lucia DAL LINDecember 1, 1876144Death
Angela CASSANEGODecember 1, 1859161Birth
Antonio GIACOMELLIDecember 1, 1857163Birth
Giuseppe Antonio ZILIOTTODecember 1, 1848172Birth
Sebastiano BONATODecember 1, 1846174Death
Teresa Cattarina BERGAMODecember 1, 1841179Death
Maria Cattarina ZILIOTTODecember 1, 1834186Death
Antonio ZILIOTTODecember 1, 1833187Death
Angela BONATODecember 1, 1819201Birth
Sebastiano MORODecember 1, 1816204Birth
Marco Antonio GRIGIONDecember 1, 1810210Birth
Maria Maddalena ZILIOTTODecember 1, 1800220Death
Luccia FANTINDecember 1, 1791229Death
Angela SALVALAGGIODecember 1, 1782238Death
Bernardin VIVIANabout December 1, 1779241Birth
Pietro BONATOafter December 1, 1769251Death
FrancescaDecember 1, 1769251Death
Sebastian CELOTTODecember 1, 1762258Death
Maria Maddalena FANTINDecember 1, 1761259Death
Maria BONATODecember 1, 1745275Death
Domenica MATTARUZZODecember 1, 1745275Death
Cattarina PERDOMELLODecember 1, 1736284Death
Domenico VIVIANDecember 1, 1716304Death
Domenico MENEGONDecember 1, 1707313Death
Domenico MENEGONDecember 1, 1707313Death
Cattarina BUSCARDADecember 1, 1696324Death
Madalena COLOMBANADecember 1, 1694326Death
Amadio BASSANELLODecember 1, 1656364Death
Malgarita BONATODecember 1, 1656364Death
Bartolomeo CELOTTODecember 1, 1618402Death
Margarita VEDOVOTTODecember 1, 1603417Death
Antonio Dominico CAVALLI + Maria BERTHOLDIDecember 193189Marriage
Pietro BUSCARDA + Luciaafter December 1684336Marriage
Antonio ZAGO + Maria Maddalena ORBOLATODecember 1, 1900120Marriage
Gaetano BERGAMO + Maria “Luigia” ZENDecember 1, 1890130Marriage
Matteo FABBIAN + Antonia ZARDODecember 1, 1877143Marriage
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Statistics — Les familles de Borso del Grappa

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Males: 47   Females: 45
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