– “ven” : it is for Veneto / Venetia
– “arbòl” : is “tree” in venetian language

The site has an ambitious goal: make you discover the fruit of my genealogical searches, about my Italian paternal branch, strongly rooted in the province of Trevise, in Venetia (Italy).
Its goal is also to promote the contacts with people who are linked to the city of Borso del Grappa and to the names Vedovotto, Guadagnin, Gollin, Andreatta and others, typics of the “pedemontana” of Monte Grappa.
If you are interested in or concerned by my work, do not hesitate to get in contact with me, through the contact page or by answering to a message posted on the blog.

The phrase on the fotographs of the header is from Dante’s “Divine comedy”, precisely from “The Heaven”, chapter IX:

    “In quella parte de la terra prava
    italica che siede tra Rïalto
    e le fontane di Brenta e di Piava,
    si leva un colle, e non surge molt’ alto,
    là onde scese già una facella
    che fece a la contrada un grande assalto.”

In this extract, Dante evokes the tyranny of Ezzelino III (1194-1259) on the part of Venetia situated between Rialto (Venice) and rivers Brenta and Piave, that is exactly my ancestors’ country.

To start this trip with music, clic on below and listen to “Gasparone Valzer” by the formation Calicanto, specialized in folk music of Venetia.