• Nos Ancêtres de Borgo di Gaeta
    Forum for genealogists whose ancestors come from Borgo di Gaeta, province of Latina
  • Fontechiari
    Perusals of the civil status of the town of Fontechiari, province of Frosinone (1810-1899)
  • Ponza
    Genealogy of the Ponza island, province of Latina
  • Sant’ Anatolia
    Genealogy of the famillies from Sant’Anatolia, hamlet of the town of Borgorose, province of Rieti. It has been constructued by perusal of the parish registers from 1750 to 1935, (the requirement of a password is necessary to have an access)
  • Sant’ Elia Fiumerapido
    Perusals of the civil status of the town of Sant’ Elia Fiumerapido, province of Frosinone (deaths 1860-1863)

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