• Bergamo – Archivio storico comunale
    Inventory of archives of the municipality of Bergamo
  • Como
    Baptisms of the parishes Cathedral, San Fedele and San Donnino, in Como (1830-1866)
  • Archivio della Comunità Ebraica di Mantova
    Archives of the jewish comunity of Mantova (1522-XXth century). Among the documents, 6.365 pages relative to 42 civil status registries have been digitalized
  • Associazione genealogica lombarda
    Genealogy association interested in the territory of lombardy
  • Catasto Lombardo-Veneto della Valle Camonica
    Portal of cadatral databases of the municipalities of the Valle Camonica: 45 municipalities, of which 42 in the province of Brescia and 3 in the province of Bergamo. The data are extracted from the napoleonian and austrian cadastral registers. VIzualisation of the maps and search by place or by owner

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