• Arcugnano
    Perusals of parish registers of the city of Arcugnano, province of Vicenza: parish Santa Maria in Fimon (1612-1614), parish Santa Croce in Lapio (1728-1772)
  • Bergantino
    Genealogical tree generated from the perusal of the parish registers (baptisms from 1590, burials from 1600) of the town of Bergantino, province of Rovigo
  • Borso del Grappa
    My own perusals of the registers of the city of Borso del Grappa, province of Treviso (this web site)
    See also Les familles de Borso del Grappa : genealogy of the families of Borso del Grappa
  • Canizzano – Treviso
    Genealogical tree generated from the perusal of the parish registers (baptisms from 1565, burials from 1600) of the “frazione” (hamlet) of Canizzano, city of Treviso
  • Cittadella
    Death Index of the city of Cittadella, province of Vicenza (1898-1910) (in spanish)
  • Famiglie da Fastro di Arsiè
    History and genealogy of the families from Fastro, frazione of Arsiè, province of Belluno
  • Fossalta di Portogruaro – Stato delle anime
    Census of the parish San Zenone of Fossalta di Portogruaro, province of Venezia (1839-1857)
  • Loria – Emigrazione
    Extracts of the XIXth century emigration books of Loria, province of Treviso
  • Mareno di Piave
    Digital version of three monographs dedicated to Mareno di Piave, province of Treviso: history of the town, biography of some families, victims of wars, well-known figures, emigration, ethymology of the main names… (volume 1, volume 2, victims of wars)
  • Antenati del Delta del Po
    a genealogical database dedicated to the families of the municipalities of the province of Rovigo (Veneto) located in the Po Delta: Porto Tolle, Rosolina, Donada, Contarina, Taglio di Po, Loreo…
  • San Biagio di Callalta
    Genealogical tree generated from the perusal of the parish registers (baptisms from 1535, burials from 1600) of the city of San Biagio di Callalta, province of Treviso
  • Schiavon
    Site dedicated to the families named Schiavon, a name typical of Venetia. It contains among others a rich genealogical database
  • Valle di Cadore
    Genealogia delle famiglie di Valle di Cadore, provincia di Belluno.
    Some antivirus softwares declare by mistake this site as dangerous and block the access. The authors of the site have not yet managed to counter this problem. In this case, try with another compute or with a smartphone or a tablet.
  • Verona – Municipal archives
    Online access to a part of the archives of the city of Verona: “autrian” civil status 1834-1871, deliberations 1929-1960, mails 1931-1970. The “frazione” of Avesa, Mizzole, Montorio, Quinto, Quinzano and San Máximo, which became later municipalities, are concerned
  • Villa di ZoldoFamily trees of Villa di Zoldo, province of Belluno

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